Change iPhone Notes font to Helvetica


I’m stoked that Notes now sync between my iPhone and Apple Mail. But for some reason Marker Felt (which kinda sucks as much as Comic Sans) is still the default font.

After searching and not finding how to permanently change the font, I tinkered around with the few tips I did find and stumbled on to a solution which requires one small hack to allow use of Helvetica in all iPhone Notes instead of Marker Felt whether you are creating the note in Apple Mail or on the iPhone.

Tested on iPhone 3GS but should work on any iPhone running 3.0+ software.

Creating Note in Apple Mail

Configuration in step 1 only necessary the first time.

  1. Start by changing Apple Mail “Fonts & Colors” setting to:

    • Collection: All Fonts
    • Family: Helvetica
    • Typeface: Regular
    • Size: 16
  2. Create a new note in Apple Mail. (Notice that the font baselines all line up using the above font.)

  3. Save note.
  4. Sync iPhone
  5. Follow steps for “Creating Note on iPhone”.

Creating Note on iPhone

Configuration in step 1 only necessary the first time.

  1. On iPhone go to:

    Settings »
        General »
            Keyboard »
                International Keyboards »

    Enable the QWERTY keyboard.

  2. Open note (notice that it will be in Marker Felt font)
  3. Tap globe key (to switch to Japanese Qwerty keyboard)
  4. Tap any character (notice font changes to Helvetica)
  5. Tap delete key.
  6. Tap globe key again (to switch back to English keyboard)

Note will remain in Helvetica font after all subsequent syncs with Apple Mail.

Video of steps 3-6 (using a different font): Change the font in Notes (iPhone/iPod Touch)


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