Data Detectors


Data Detectors is the best feature from upgrading to Leopard 10.5.2 this week.

Hover over an event, phone number, or address and you’ll have an option to add to Address Book or iCal.

Watch this video to learn more:


Creating this post I learned:

  • Quicktime controller has height of 16px which must be added to the movie’s actual height in the embed tag height attribute.
  • autoplay embed tag attribute is set in user Quicktime prefs, but can be overridden in embed tag. I’ve set autoplay to true so that you don’t have to click the video to get it to play.
  • showlogo embed tag attribute set to false will hide Quicktime logo while movie is loading.

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Movable Type Plugins

  • Heading Anchors - Provides a template tag modifier to update all html headings with an id and anchor linking to the id.
  • ProCommunity - Three new template sets merging the best of the Community Blog, Community Forum, and the Professional template sets.
  • EntrySetBasename - A utility plugin to assist in setting entry basenames to the value of the dirified entry title.
  • Vanilla - A quiver of template sets focusing on specific features in Movable Type
  • Ghostwriter - Assign credit and get thanks for your assistance. A plugin for selecting Author on Edit Entry/Page screen.
  • TidyTags - A perl script to normalize Movable Type template tags
  • DashOff - Dashboard widget with links to get you where you want quickly.