• Movable Type 4.2 or newer
  • PHP is required for dynamic classes in the templates.
  • StyleCatcher 2.1 is required when using StyleCatcher to switch between Sandbox themes.


  1. Download Plugin

    Download Sandbox v1.1

  2. Unzip the archive. The archive contains Sandbox and an updated copy of StyleCatcher to allow simple switching between Sandbox Themes.

  3. Upload the Sandbox and StyleCatcher mt-static folders to the mt-static/plugins folder.

  4. Upload the Sandbox and StyleCatcher plugin folders in the plugins folder.

  5. Install complete! Now create new blog, or update the templates of an existing blog.

Create a New Blog to use Sandbox Templates

  1. In the blog switcher choose “Create a new blog”.
  2. When filling out the details for the new blog, under Template Set, choose “Sandbox”.
  3. After new blog has been created, create and publish an entry.
  4. View your site.

Updating Existing Blog to use Sandbox Templates

  1. Go to Design > Templates.
  2. Click “Refresh Blog Templates” in the Actions sidebar widget.
  3. In the modal that appears, choose “Apply new template set” and then choose “Sandbox” from the select menu of template sets. (Optionally choose to “Make backups of existing templates”)
  4. Click “Continue”, then “Confirm”
  5. Republish your blog
  6. View your site

Command Line Installation from Subversion

You’ll need to have subversion installed in order to check out this way.

The below examples use svn export but if you’re interested in contributing patches use svn co to “check out” the code instead of exporting it from Subversion.

  1. Go to your Movable Type directory (path may be different different per hosts).

    $ cd /home/user/
  2. Remove the existing StyleCatcher plugin

    $ rm -rf plugins/StyleCatcher
  3. Export the Sandbox and StyleCatcher plugin into the MT plugins directory:

    $ svn export plugins/Sandbox
    $ svn export plugins/StyleCatcher
  4. Export the Sandbox and StyleCatcher static files into the static plugins folder:

    $ svn export mt-static/plugins/Sandbox
    $ svn export mt-static/plugins/StyleCatcher


  1. Posted September 19, 2008 at 3:02 PM | Permalink


    Sandbox looks fantastic! I have installed the folders into their correct respective locations, but after selecting “Refresh Blog Templates,” Sandbox does not appear in the dropdown menu. I’ve deleted and re-installed the folders, and triple checked that the locations are correct, but to no avail.

    It may be worth noting that I am hosted by Network Solutions, and their extremely long filepath idiosyncrasy has been an issue for me throughout the MT installation process. Could that be an issue here; and if so, how to correct???


  2. Posted September 19, 2008 at 3:22 PM | Permalink

    Thanks for your kudos, but gee that must be frustrating.

    A few troubleshooting options:

    • Does the system plugins page list Sandbox? If so, are there any errors?
    • Based upon your comment, you’re really tried to make sure to exhaust all installation issues. Have you attempted to install Sandbox on another MT install?
    • Are you installing Sandbox on MT4.2?
    • Do you have any other template set plugins installed?

    Hope I can help get to the bottom of this.

  3. Posted September 19, 2008 at 7:26 PM | Permalink

    I have it installed on MT 4.21, and this is the only MT install on which I’ve attempted to install Sandbox. I have no other template set plugins installed.

    Sandbox is not listed on the system plugins page, only StyleCatcher 2.1 is listed. It’s as though MT is unaware that Sandbox is even there.

    Re: instruction 4 above, There was no pre-existing plugins folder, so I created one at the root level (the same level where the mt-static folder is located) and installed the folders there. Is that correct??? I also put the mt-static/plugins folder in the right location, as per #3.

  4. Posted September 19, 2008 at 7:37 PM | Permalink

    I figured it out! The plugins folder was in the cgi-bin. I didn’t see it there previously.

    Thanks for your help.

  5. Posted September 27, 2008 at 3:15 PM | Permalink

    Hi, Beau

    Nice work! However, I am unable to install the the themes. I can see Sandbox in the plugins. I select the sandbox theme and save it. After publishing, no joy. Tried to install the theme manually. Still no joy

    If required, I will give you the user name and pass. A box of chocolates for your help!



  6. Posted May 30, 2009 at 3:15 AM | Permalink

    Nice plugin, it has been really easy to install . Thanks.