Sandbox for Movable Type v1.1

After a great initial release of Sandbox we’ve had some great feedback, mostly positive and you could argue that even the reported bugs are helpful!

Sandbox v1.1 is now available.

Here’s the change log for Sandbox v1.1:

  • 1087 - Add Andy Skelton to the README who we credited in the announcement post but forgot in here. (Thx to Automattic employee Mark reporting on Twitter)
  • 1127 - bugzid:82056 - Adding class “form-submit” for parity with Sandbox for WP (along side id “form-submit” which is required by MT javascript to show/hide buttons when user is logged in)

Two updates to themes as well. If you want the latest version of these themes, just select them via StyleCatcher and StyleCatcher will pull the latest themes from the Sandbox Theme library:

  • 1119 - bugzid:82051 - updating Diurnal thumbnails
  • 1125 bugzid:82055 Updated Submit button styling to style submit and preview buttons. Before: div#respond form#commentform input#submit {border:0; margin-top:10px; width:440px; height:24px;} After: div#respond form#commentform input#comment-submit, div#respond form#commentform input#comment-preview {border:0; margin-top:10px; width:440px; height:24px;}

Two commits to StyleCatcher (which has been released separately as StyleCatcher 2.2) were also made:

  • 1088 - BugzID: 81932 - Untangle this rat’s nest of metadata discovery
  • 1089 - BugzID: 1089 - Bump version for next release, what with the major internal change and whatnot

See the Release Notes for Sandbox 1.0 for more information on the differences between Sandbox themes in Movable Type and WordPress.

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Sandbox for Movable Type Released

After months of work during Wednesday hackathons amidst other fun projects, Sandbox for Movable Type is ready for release into the wild.

I’ve made a few pages to help with supporting Sandbox on Movable Type.

Looking forward to to comments, questions, feedback, and any bugs that may be found.

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Hello World

Hello World!

We’re getting ready to release Sandbox for Movable Type. Before we release we’re doing a bit more testing, adding some fit ‘n’ finish to the code, completing documentation, and even updating StyleCatcher to support changing between Sandbox themes.

See you soon.

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