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@callmebalthazar Want to meet around lunchtime tomorrow? @z did you receive the box of @square readers? I could use some more.

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@crushgear Pleasure to meet you too. Hope we get to share tacos again soon. :) /cc @nikicastello

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@ulrichrech Ms @nikicastello and I are in Austin for a week. We came here to get away from the tsunami. Will report on damage upon return :)

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@cyberroland Pleasure to meet you. Hope you enjoy @Square.

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@iamreff Great to meet you. Hope you enjoy your @Square.

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@patrick @hermioneway I'm in Austin till Wed afternoon. Excited about your challenge. :)

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TSA at SJC searched box of @Square readers en route to #SXSW w/ me. He looked the packaging over then returned and asked to keep two.
@StGermainDrinks The Jupiter was a drink I made up with a bar tender in Seattle. Based upon it's ingredients, does it have another name?
@Natbat Added to home. :) There was some modal (which I can't find now) that was very narrow on mobile. Thx for the awesome site.
@LanyrdSXSW What is the most optimal way to access my Lanyrd account on my iPhone while at #SXSW?
@patrick @hermioneway $40 via @Squate to the first of you to find me, $20 to the second. I'm staying at the @sfembassy.

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@hermioneway I'll be there for SXSWi. The @Square marketing team will be there to sponsor SXSW Fashion (during music) /cc @patrick

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Can they survive #SXSW only on donations accepted via @Square? Link
Apple story on @JacksonKayak features @Square at 1:25 Link
SSD in my pairing machine …so fast. Looking into replacing my laptop SuperDrive with an SSD. Looks pretty easy, but not cheap.
RT @MoveOn: The GOP budget cuts billions for education, veterans, poor kids, & more. Sound the alarm. #GOPcuts Link

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@pm For what aspect of the job?

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Ask for a Jupiter at the @OrbitRoomCafe. Bulleit Bourbon, St Germain, Cointreau, orange and angostura bitters. Served up, chilled.
Walked in the mist this afternoon, listening to "The Checklist Manifesto". Contemplating it's application to eng and hiring at @Square.
Walked around in the mist, listening to "The Checklist Manifesto". Contemplating it's application to engineering & hiring at @Square.

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@resenco I enjoy the simplicity of DashNote. I'm curious about TypeSet. What are some sites that use it? Can I take a test drive?
@stevemcclan I'm thinking of a day trip to Kirkwood tomorrow. You think the conditions worth it?

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@dane This week we crafted new sails and scrubbed the decks. Monday we set sail and chart new territory! (How's that?)
.@dane This week @Square/team focused on various projects to reduce technical debt and improve other aspects of the company. Big success.
I think that after Fixit Week we should have Drinking Week - @MajaH
Small jump. Skyline Drive Utah. Link

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@paprikahead Teamwork!
@Gastronaut Todays @Square lunch didn't seem up to your nutritional or creative standards. Is it something we did?
Today's my first anniversary at @Square. Bummed that I forgot to wear a vest.

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@comcastcares The SF Potrero store has 16 people in line, 6 employees at the counter, only 2 helping customers, 1 for only payments. :(

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