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Imagine the iPhone 5 is your first smartphone… and you “write” your first text message using Siri. Mom’s mind just exploded.

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@theclymb Feature request: Let me record my sizes in my profile. Only send me email with items matching my sizes.

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@maximolly Tubes! …the only reason I enjoy going to Costco.

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@CPbike from the vid, it's looks torqualicious! I'm gonna ride Wed, 3-7pm at the Ferry Building Link

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My first electric vehicle. Link

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Sardine woven into a potato slice and fried into a chip. Served with a light horseradish cream. @RichTable …amazing.

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SF is gorgeous. (@ Hawk Hill w/ 7 others) [pic]: Link

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Did someone order a pizza? (@ Alamo Square w/ @dh2k) Link

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Overnight island adventure… (@ East Brother Light Station) [pic]: Link

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@kimonostereo 1. Reset CSS, 2. Nest type styles & layout under ".prose" class. Thus other elements can be styled w/o need further un-style.



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