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@allenmhc @jack So many amazing quotes related to passion for craft and precision. +1 for next @square movie night.

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@rr Sounds delicious.

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@jack Inspirational… Jiro Dreams of Sushi Link

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@paul_irish You win. I'm gonna fill 'em with ginger/lemon/lime/kumquat sorbet. Busy tomorrow night?

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Carefully gutted some kumquats and lemons Link
@sippey Lol(cat). Is this a good omen? Should I buy a lotto ticket?
Guess what I'm making… Link

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@goodpic Good luck with your new endeavors!
@nikki_lindgren glad I decided not to head up today. Hope your enjoying a hot bev.
@borismus Slide link on your site is 503. I'd like to share your deck with my coworkers.
Growth Team offsite. <3 working at @Square. (@ St George Spirits) Link
@tomdale Self medication.
@Swobotwit I wanna see more pix of the bikes on your website, but all but the first pic are 404-ing. PS, the Baxter looks purdy.
@chriseppstein Too much respect to tweet it. Check yer email. :)
Yikes! Performer injured in Totem show tonight. Pretty intense with whole crowd watching medic response. Fabulously inspirational show.

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@aokolish Thx! Sorry for the video issues. Did you try the download link?

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@MercuryIns Why can&#39;t I add a credit card to my auto ins policy and auto-pay in full every 6 months? Why not automate payments?
@finestructure Very cool. I kinda want to strap myself to to side and ride it.
@chriseppstein @jetviper21 Fixed. Also added a note about the update to the extend functionality. Processing… Link
@nex3 @chriseppstein - Thanks for making the web so much better for everyone! /cc @xeeton @pengwynn @fat
@chrismasterson Not accurate. It was a team effort between design, eng, and product. I am responsible for frontend eng at Square.
@foreststearns Yo! Sorry I missed you in Austin. Still up for a beer! DM me your phone #
@shauninman If it makes you feel any better, left AUS at 7:30pm and just arrived at SFO… Bon voyage.
@linesandwaves Awesome Jon! The deeper you dive into Sass the better it gets. I'll see what I can do about sharing @Square sass files.

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@nex3 Thx. Will take a look. /cc @xeeton @pengwynn @fat

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@chriseppstein Thx! Kudos to @xeeton for designing our deck. /cc @scottkellum

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Honored to have had such a awesome panel on Sass, Less, and @Compass with @xeeton @pengwynn @fat Slides: Link

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@ScottKellum Thx for the great review. @chriseppstein Slides: Link

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@ScottKellum Great to see you. Looking forward to seeing your work. :)
@foreststearns Sweet! Will swing by. :)
Listening and watching @mikerelm kill it at Stage on Sixth. Been looking forward to this for a while. One more set at 9pm!
The @Square video team is convinced that my panel tm is on "spreadsheets" & has composed a ballad to the topic. /re: Link
@chriseppstein Congrats on the release! We’ll announce fosho.
@AllyBank I followed you with the hopes of reading about innovative banking. I'm sure you can do much better than "fill in the sentence".
@jonathanbowden Nice to meet you too!
@mjisrawi Tues 9:30am Compass/SASS/LESS: Tips, Tricks & Best Practices Link
@therealzachsnow I gotta get out soon. It's been too long. Thx for the reminder. :)
(Updated link!) Got a question on Sass or Less for our #sxsw panel? Ask us: Link
@chriseppstein Ugg. Didn't test with enough peeps. Will fix in a sec.
Got a question on Sass or Less for our #sxsw panel? Ask us: Link
@NicolaC_Healy94 I'm not "@beau mirchoff" He has a different twitter handle. :)
@NicolaC_Healy94 Gotta learn how to @ message if you want to contact peeps on Twitter. =)
@chrisconnolly @mjisrawi Was great to meet you guys. Using @foodspotting to find dinner now… =)
Foodspotting Street Food Fest: 2nd & Congress, 4-6pm, 8 trucks, dry tents, @Square designers and engineers: learn about working at Square.
@kottke Love ur redesign, but have a suggestion: Link
@chriseppstein If you can't beat us, join us! ;)
@aaronsnoswell beau @ the domain of our website. Thx for your help.
@tomricci Great to hear. Thx for checking.
@aaronsnoswell Can you sen me a screen shot and tell me how we can reproduce it?
@mikeyk You win. ;)
@sekimura So many prototypes… finally decided that anything other than subtle looked awkward with human limbs.
@chrismasterson …and boy is it fun!
@tomricci Please tell me how I can reproduce this… and I'll fix it. Thx
@dybskiy yeah, seriously. At least we're drinking now. :) Hope Vancouver is awesome; I'm a little jealous.
@stephane It's complicated; perhaps we should always use proper names. /cc @rsa
@yann + @mc_am_riders ... Can't wait!
Announcing @Square Register with a redesigned site Congrats @Square Team!

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