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@maxbeatty @github is not just for code… =)
A well crafted album… infinitely more enjoyable than any single. #SparkSeeker by @matisyahu
@github #FeatureRequest: print stylesheets for all supported formats documentation formats (https://t.co/6kBEXIjl)
@justinsane98 Waiting is 110% better with a bloody mary next door at Finnagins Wake =)
@chriseppstein propos quote I heard recently: Perfection is the enemy of progress.
@madw OMG! We used a whiteboard. It was great till we sold it. =P
@madw Of course!! But the savvy yardsale buyer has a wad of cash which is hard to say no to =)
Experimenting with sales techniques at our yardsale. Currently you can have the whole lot for $200: Link
At this week’s @Square frontend studio, I presented a “tutorial” on Compass Spriting: https://t.co/CLLuii1L #css #sass /cc @compass

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