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@wilshipley We tried recently, but didn't find a solution. If you do, pls share.
Biked down HWY 1 to Half Moon Bay for lunch. Only took 2 hours! Now to get back somehow.
We call this ".prose" in @Square web styles: Link
It’s ok to have a bad hair day, but it's never ok to have a bad shoe day. — @Michelephant
@clzd Awesome! See you soon. =P
@clzd Next time you’re out our way, join us for lunch at Square? Our frontend team is fan of your work.
@clzd Will you be in #SF anytime soon?
@thisisaaronland Dude, Freak your phone: Link
@pengwynn Nom! /cc @mrspengwynn
@BeaumontHill Is it a nice arm? =P

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